Why Choose Letter Box Drops of Melbourne ?

How we know your flyers have been delivered.

Through out our delivery suburbs we have people who check on the delivery of your flyers and pamphlets  –  checking that they are being delivered neatly and on time. We have over 70 very diligent flyer spotters so we know that your flyers have arrived at your potential customers letterboxes. We also have a map tracking system that the walkers use.

What our walkers think about delivering flyers for Letterbox Drops of Melbourne.

*  Jane maintains excellent communication
*  Jane appreciates you when you have done a good job
*  Jane is genuine and respectful
*  It made me happy to find out that Jane’s clients had gotten customers and become more popular from the flyers I delivered
*  Delivering flyers has helped me get outdoors and improve my fitness
*  Jane is a great boss. She keeps in touch with us and is very professional

NEWS UPDATE- Letterbox Drops of Melbourne achieves 100% delivery

The strength of Melbourne Letterbox Drops is the fact that we get your flyers delivered and we get results. Contact Jane or Danielle for a quote and to discuss your flyers and distribution.

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